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Website design process - The Proper Job way

How can we help you? 

When you are looking for a web designer in Cornwall you want someone you can trust. Our process clearly and simply explains how we get from the drawing board to your website launching to the world.

You need a web designer in Redruth or Camborne. You want someone you can trust! You want to deal with a business that has a reputation to uphold, you want to deal with a business that gets new business through referrals, not through expensive advertising. You need a Proper Job Web Design!.

1. Contact.

It all starts here, when we first speak. We offer all clients a 'no-obligation' meeting where we will establish what you want from your website, colours, style, type of design and your target audience. 

2. Quote and first look.

Once we have had a chance to evaluate your requirements, we will produce a quote and if that is accepted, we will provide you with some website design ideas -  so you and I make sure we are heading in the right direction

3. Ongoing work.

We will keep you updated with the progress of the website. You will have the chance to see the work being done. We can make any changes you specify during this period. The aim is to give you the website YOU WANT!

4. Finalise and training.

When we have completed the work on the website, if you have a CMS (content managed site) we will sit down with you and train you how to update your site. No specialist knowledge or software is required!

5. Take-off!

The website goes live and you can start telling all your friends, business associates and clients about your new cyber-presence! Our service does not stop there though. Proper Job Web Design will provide ongoing support and help through mail and telephone.

6. Customer satisfaction.

95% of our work is through referral business. We work on our reputation and good name. The only thing that matters to us is that you, the customer, is happy... because you will then tell others!

Proper Job Web Design. We guarantee a 'Proper Job'!

Pay Monthly Websites

Pay Monthly Websites by Proper Job Web Design

We recognize that smaller businesses maybe cannot afford the full cost of a website as they need to watch costs. To help you budget and get your business on the net, Proper Job can offer you a 'Pay Monthly' website.

How does this work?

We establish through the initial process what the cost of your website is. We then provide you with a quotation that allows you to pay monthly for the website. This helps a small start-up business enormously because you can budget and build this cost into your business plan.

How much will this cost?

It does depend on the size of the website of course, but for around £25 - £30 per month, you can get a 5 page website up and running - all this for only an advance payment of 2 months fees.

Now there is no reason why ANY business cannot benefit from having a website!

Contact Information

Proper Job web Design, Pool Innovation Centre, Pool, Redruth for website design and hosting services

Content Managed Websites

CMS Websites

You may have heard the term 'CMS' or 'Content Managed Sites' and wondered what it means. Well very simply, a CMS site puts you in charge of your own website. You can update the content and images and other functions yourself, saving money by not paying us to do the work!

We provide you with the necessary training to be able to edit and maintain your own site. In no time you will be able to add content, pictures and develop your website alongside your business as it grows

No specialist knowledge is required and as part of our support package, we offer unlimited help through Skype, email and telephone.

If you are too busy with a growing business to undertake the work on your site, we will of course do the work for you for an agreed hourly rate.